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'Special Edition' Hot cross bunny

Simply good enough to eat, this little gem is the vision I had in my head become reality. I'd love you to meet my latest cloth art doll, the 'Hot Cross Bunny'! This bunny is the first of what will become a 'theme' as I'm loaded with ideas simply awaiting construction.
With Easter upon us, I knew I wanted to create a bunny style doll. This little darling is the original and I hope, first of many to come. It's a OOAK, utterly scrumptious little bun'ny!

It couldn't have turned out better and it's exactly how I envisioned it.

A cute pair of socks and ruffled collar complete the look.

The inspiration:  A quintessentially British baked good, traditionally eaten on Good Friday.
With this in mind it was time to figure out how I could create a doll that represented this devine, Easter treat.

The hot cross bun as we know it is a spiced dough bun, filled with currants, glossed with jam and adorned with a cross. The cross representing the crucifixion of Jes…

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